Mood of the day

Thank God Dog GIF by Taffy
Me after installing and deploying the forum in the cloud

Thinking Math GIF
Me thinking about ad strategies to gain more visibility

d&d want GIF by Hyper RPG
Me developing a better machine learning model

owl searching GIF
Me lately trying to do too many things

Going Crazy Donald Duck GIF
Me trying to fix the UX between Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Spongebob Squarepants Reaction GIF by Nickelodeon
Me datamining social networks

Interested Spock GIF by Star Trek
Me bumping into an unexpected communication strategy

Juggling GIF
Me juggling between my daily job, my side project Karambol and unexpected daily life incidents

Pool Party Swimming GIF by Team Coco
Me last weekend

Happy Cheer GIF by Minions
Me after releasing a new algorithm to make better travel itineraries

Cracking Up Reaction GIF
Me creating new travel memes